It's not that I'm bored.

The obvious question is why I am doing this.  It's not because I believe that the world is starving for another blogger whose insights are required to prevent the upcoming armageddon.  Nor do I think that I am the embodiment of Plato's philosopher king.  And no, it’s not because after being stuck in my house with my kids for 10 days that I am bored out of my mind.

It's just that I have been around for a few years. I've learned a few things but know that I have so much more to learn and I need an outlet to center my thoughts and get some feedback.  This isn't a mental vomitorium.  Far from it.  I‘m looking for a locale to be able to bring forth ideas, raise questions and in the process maybe organize by thoughts more efficiently.  

Some biographical information is needed.  I'm 63 years old with 2 teenage sons.  I'm married but have been separated for a few years.  My wife is a wonderful, kind and considerate person.  And I hope she thinks the same of me.  We are great friends, but not so great spouses.  So if you mess with me you’ll have her to deal with her.  Beware -  she’s much more dangerous than I am.  I also have a great pyrenees named Lucy, who is my best friend and 2 cats.  I'm an attorney and I travel whenever I can.  

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