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Wisdom is nothing more than living long enough to have made lots of mistakes and having the foresight to learn from them. 

My big mistakes usually stemmed from overestimating my own intelligence. Now, at the 63rd floor of my life,  the insightfulness of Harry Truman resonates more than ever.  He observed that an expert is as “a fella who was afraid to learn anything new because then he wouldn’t be an expert anymore.”

This blog is an exploration of the uncertainties that can only exist after living through a multitude of successes and failures.  Understanding is like a fine wine; it takes time and patience.  I did not realize this until after I reached the golden age of 63.  It was my teenage boys that drove the point home.  A teenager does not think they know everything, they are certain they do.  To them, being 63 is not only old but close to being petrified wood.  The difference between my life and the Flintstones was only a matter of degree. 

What I learned, and what they are oblivious too, can be synthesized into a single thought.  Wisdom comes not from knowing the answers, but from identifying the right questions.  Sometimes, the questions are humous.  Like why are the best swear words one syllable.  I guarantee that the answer will surprise you.  Or did dogs create Covid-19 as part of a worldwide conspiracy.  Or would the end of Tiger King been better it the Cats ate the human characters.

Then there are the serious inquiries.  For decades I have been frustrated by the question of God and the existence of evil.  This blog was inspired by my need to voice and organize my thoughts - God as the Great Extorter in the Sky – It’s Not Enough.  Or what was it about Donald Trump that made me so darn angry.  Or what is a constructive way to deal with race relations - I’m Flummoxed and its Time to Talk Tachles

Any blog I create had to include my passion for photography.  It is my way of expressing myself and escaping from the world of responsibility.  This is a place where I can share my thoughts about the privilege of photographing a beautiful Cuban model/dancer.  Or discussing two ongoing photography projects – portraits of mask wearers and the dog park. 

To round things out, some biographical information is needed.  I'm 64 years old with two sons – 16 and 20.  My parents, especially my Mom, were lifelong Democrats who worshipped John Kennedy.   They ingrained a sense of social justice into my soul.  I was raised culturally Jewish with an appreciation of what that means.


The two men who I most idealize are Robert Kennedy and Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord.  The latter deserves a future post to explain why.  My favorite author is John Steinbeck.  My favorite photographers are Robert Capa and Gordon Parks. 

I'm married but have been separated for a few years.  My wife is a wonderful, kind, considerate person and my best friend.  I hope she thinks the same of me.  I also have a 95lb Great Pyrenees named Lucy, who is my second best friend and 1 cat.  I'm an attorney.  I enjoy my work.  I travel whenever I can.  

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