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We're used to seeing people's entire faces as we talk to them. We judge the veracity, emotion and tenor of the discussion by peoples facial expressions; including the shape of their mouth or the curl of their nose. Happy people smile. Sad people frown. Sarcastic people smirk. These are the social cues that we all have relied on. Now we do not get to see frowns, smiles or smirks; but we still get to make judgments and interpet what people think and mean.

When its your family, you have decades of experience to rely upon. And for all that wonder they are saying stop taking pictures of me!

When its not your family, how do we do and does it really matter. What would you say about this woman? Is she happy? Sad? What can you say other then that she has beautiful eyes and I suspect a warming smile beneath the mask.

Or what can you say any of the people below? They are each friends from the dog park and they all seem happy to me.

And then there are the people you see while they are helping you. Here is the pharmacist who provides the medication that my family needs.

The butcher who makes sure there is meat, poultry and seafood for the dinner table.

The gentleman who makes the great sandwiches that keep my kids happy.

Or the nice clerk who makes sure there is food in the market to take home.

Then there is the trainer who makes sure my body does not atrophy while the gyms are closed.

Not to mention my neighbor.

Or just the person I hadn't met before but had a friendly word to say.

All in all, whether we're wearing a mask or not, we communicate with the people around us. And do it pretty well. So just keep smiling.

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