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Guest Column - Why I Chose Donald Trump For President

[This blog entry is written by Larry W., who is a retired Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County. Larry, who holds political different from mine, was kind enough to record why he supported and still supports President Trump. Except for this introduction, it is being published without any editing.]

I initially choose Donald Trump for President of the United States because I did not like the Democratic politics in 2016 nor did I trust Hilary Clinton. Both promised more of the same. I believed that as a non-politician he was the best candidate to continue change in our country and I liked many of his positions in his platform. In particular, America being a capitalist based country, I wanted the tax cut he promised. He and the Republican Party delivered on that promise and it was done with the help of the Democratic Party. Why? Because the Democratic Politicians, like all politicians, are rich, lying, and cheating thieves. Like most politicians, they talk a good game during election time, but in the end will always do what is best for their own self-interest financially. For example, they throw crumbs to the poor to get reelected to office so they can continue to feed at the taxpayer trough.

I still support Trump in the upcoming election, because he has continued to promote policies that in my opinion will “make America Great Again.” What does that mean? That means making America a world leader that takes care of and protects American people. He has done this by renegotiating the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and Mexico, he got America out of the Iran Nuclear Agreement that did not benefit America, and he got North Korea to enter into a non-nuclear proliferation agreement. In addition he has continued to try and the Afghanistan War. He is not perfect by any means and arguably “un-presidential” in his appearance and demeanor, but many Presidents weren’t before the advent of television. His politics and plans don’t necessarily benefit everyone, but he has not shied away from his promises like most politicians and past Presidents.

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