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As I Jew, I am Angry

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

As I write, I am angry and ignoring my Grandmother's advice not to do what I am doing. But Grandma, I did wait 24 hours, and I'm still mad. So here goes.

I write to the following, who undoubtedly will ignore what I have to say.

To Members of Congress who support the antisemitic claptrap of Q. To Marjorie Taylor Greene, who blamed wildfires on Jewish space weapons. To Paul Gosar, who has repeatedly promoted the work of the prominent white nationalist Nick Fuentes. To Lauren Bobert, who asks Jews who visit the capital if they are there to do "reconnaissance" To every Member who failed to speak out when the president made antisemitic remarks.

It is these protectors of the civil rights of Jews who voted to remove Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee because they said she is anti-Israel and antisemitic.

To be clear, I would never vote for Ilhan Omar. And she may indeed be antisemitic, and she is clearly anti-Israel

As a Jew, I am disgusted by the vote to remove her. Beyond disgusted. To take these actions under the pretext that the Congresswoman made antisemitic statements and is anti-Israel is just another example of antisemites using Jews as an excuse to take anti-democratic actions. If history has taught us anything, somehow and some way, this is going to come back and hurt the Jews. When we vote en mass for the other Party, will your response be this is how you pay us back for removing that antisemite?

You don't hold it against Congresswoman Oma that she may be an antisemite. You are one, or you embrace those that are. You have said things comparable to what the Congresswoman has said or worse. You don't really object that she believes in a Jewish world conspiracy. So do you. You think that Jews control space weapons that are starting wildfires. Your support and give comfort to those that deny the existence of the Holocaust. You voted the way you did because you did not like her politics. And because she was not white, you viewed her as an easy target. You used a charge of antisemitism to cloak your bigotry.

And you assumed that Jews would rally around you because she is vehemently anti-Israel. You believed that Jews are so myopic that they would fall in line. That we do not care about democracy or morality, just Israel.

As grandma would say, "WHAT A SHANDA!" (Yiddish for shame, disgrace).

And to those "moderates" who voted with the antisemites, you are worse. You knew that this was wrong. But you put Party over morality and decency. You aid and abet Greene, Gosar, and Bobert and then pretend that you are somehow not culpable. You are akin to those who knew the antisemites were after the Jews but shut their eyes and mouth, closed their doors, and went along with the persecution. Your moral compass is so distorted that you forgive and countenance antisemites in your Party so long as they help you stay in power.

When Rabbi Hillel the Elder was stopped on the road and asked by a none believer to explain the Talmud while standing on one foot, he responded

If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?

You definitely have the first part down. As definite is your abandonment of the remainder.

God help me if I ever have to rely on you for my safety.

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